March 27, 2012


Worship - pure, simple, heartfelt, real

what God desires

Our style is eclectic. We have acoustic Sundays; Sundays with strings, piano, and percussion; Sundays when we sing hymns combined with contemporary, Sundays when we sing songs that are emerging and are fresh for today. We also honor worship dance and visual arts and aim to grow in our expressions of worship.


Fernridge Faith Center * Worship Team * Shared Value Statement


What We Believe

The family of Fernridge Faith Center believes that we become what we worship.


Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. We will worship in song, in dance, with instruments, with spoken words, with art, and with our very lives. Our spirit agrees with the Holy Spirit that there is only One True God and He alone is to be praised. Corporate worship is one aspect of worship. When we worship together we are changed, we defeat the enemy, we know Jesus more and better, we love one another, and we are a sweet aroma to God.


Our Goals are …

To lead the family of believers at FFC to a place of worship each Sunday morning.

To teach others and to model how to worship unashamed and honestly.

To be consistent to provide an environment where people can meet with Jesus.

To never make it about the individual, who is singing, playing an instrument, or dancing; but to point others to Christ alone.

To perform all our priestly duties of worship with a mark of excellence and humility.



·        I will be faithful in my commitment to work as a team member, with humilty, not placing my giftings above others and walking in love.

·        I will commit to six months of being on a team. At the end of the six months, my involvement will be reevaluated.

·        I will attend all the practices and arrive on time, ready and prepared, Sunday morning.

·        When I practice and prepare, I will hem in my time with prayer and seek God’s desire for the song selection and direction.

·        If I am choosing the song selection, I will be prepared to give the song list to anyone who needs it in a timely manner.

·        I will choose a song list that is in compliance with licensing agreements.

·        I will be aware that God is willing to change me, as much as I am willing to be changed, by my commitment to worship.

·        If I am unable to fulfill my commitment, I will inform the worship leader and find a replacement. If I am the leader, I will find a replacement and inform the pastor.



Worship Leaders
Junie Eve Gangle
Lynn Gledhill
Nick and Melinda Rhoads

Watch this site for information about upcoming events.

Worship Arts
We are going to be venturing on a journey to develop a worship arts wall in a sanctuary. Interested? Call Junie at 556-3336 with questions.

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